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Area of Rectangle = Length × Breadth: Conversations with a 9 year oldArticle | By At Right Angles |  Aug 17, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Children are taught many kinds of measures in the primary grades, like length, weight, volume, money, time and finally area and perimeter (which is nothing but measurement of length).

‘A Tribute to John Horton Conway’ – Glossary of terms Article | By At Right Angles |  Aug 17, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Nim: a two-person mathematical game; see

Working Together Article | By james |  Aug 16, 2020  | 0 Likes

“Manveen can paint a room in 3 hours and Allen can paint it in 6 hours. How much time will it take them to paint the room if they work together?”

Shikshamitra's Unlock Learning WorksheetsWorksheet | By Mujahidul Islam |  Jul 26, 2020 Arts, Environmental Science, Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Self Learning Materials for the children - this is what is needed at this moment, when the teachers aren't around and regular classes aren't happening.

50 Worksheets on "Corona and I"Worksheet | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Jul 16, 2020 Environmental Science | 0 Likes

The spread of the Corona virus and the lockdown are unprecedented events in our lives.

Bablu's Boat - A Paper Folding StoryActivity | By Editor English |  Jun 27, 2020 Arts, Mathematics | 0 Likes

You keep folding the SALT & PEPPER BOX (Din-Raat) and simultaneously keep telling the story.

Leaf Zoo E-Book | By Editor English |  Jun 27, 2020 Arts, Environmental Science, Science & Technology | 0 Likes

What you will see and appreciate in the beautiful creations out of leaves on the accompanying pages, and the thoughts these pictures will trigger in your mind.


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