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Educational portal Math4UArticle | By Petr Beremlijski |  Apr 26, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

New educational portal Math4U - offers attractive and complex training materials for students and also offers tools for teachers to prepare t

Approaches to Equations - At Right Angles PulloutArticle | By At Right Angles |  Apr 12, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

The topic of ‘Equations’ can be approached in several ways.

Introduction to Algebra IV - At Right Angles Pullout Article | By At Right Angles |  Apr 12, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes
Teaching Sustainable Development Goals in the ClassroomLesson Plan | By Shimmi Sharma |  Apr 10, 2019 Environmental Science, Language, Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This lesson plan is about taking United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals in the classroom.

Finding Gauss in the ClassroomArticle | By Neeraj Naidu |  Apr 03, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

If you have a slight teeny-weeny interest in mathematics then you must have heard of Gauss’childhood story.

Landforms and Mountain buildingLesson Plan | By Tapasya Saha |  Jan 24, 2013 Environmental Science, Social Studies | 2 Likes

This lesson plan conveys to students the fascinating natural process of mountain formation by combining their knowledge of the structure of the earth and the concept o

QUILTING Explorations by a Mathematics TeacherArticle | By At Right Angles |  Mar 27, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

I must confess that it was the top layer that attracted me to quilting.


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