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Problems for the Senior School July 2019Article | By At Right Angles |  Aug 09, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Exploring Properties of Addition and Multiplication with IntegersArticle | By At Right Angles |  Aug 09, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

This is the third in the series of explorations of the properties of addition and multiplication with different number sets.

Joining the Dots...Article | By At Right Angles |  Aug 09, 2019 Mathematics | 0 Likes

In our last Low Floor High Ceiling article, we had looked at Squaring the Dots...

π Enters the 5th ClassArticle | By At Right Angles |  Jul 30, 2019 Mathematics | 1 Like

I write this to tell myself that it was not a dream...

Evolving Perception of Teaching and Learning MaterialsArticle | By Learning Curve |  Jul 24, 2019 Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Materials can be important for helping children learn. The very young child learns in interaction with and acting on the objects around her.

Fun with MagnetsLesson Plan | By Garima Sharma |  Jun 26, 2019 Science & Technology | 1 Like

The interesting nature of magnets attracts everyone, from playing with magnets for fun to using appliances with magnets, we find them everywhere around us.

How to Make a Simple Toy Motor BoatVideo | By Worth Sharing |  Jun 17, 2019 Science & Technology | 1 Like

This electric motor boat is easy to make and can be seen sailing in a bath tub or a small pond.


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