Teaching Maths Through A Story

This is an account of an attempt made in February this year to clear the concept of perimeter to class five. A story was narrated that was connected to the environment of children. The children loved the story from the beginning to the end. This story had the names from their surroundings, village and rural environment. The children understood the concept of perimeter almost in the first attempt itself. There was a village called Ichhapur where this incident took place a few years ago. There was a big open space in Ichhapur. But as the number of people increased in the village, they started occupying that ground. They started using a large area for farming and granary A few people of the village began to worry when they saw this. Their concern was that if people continued to encroach the open space then the children would not have any place left to play. So, they also thought of occupying a part of the open place to be used as a playground. Some of them liked the idea and they decided to go ahead with their plan the next day.

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