Teaching during the Covid Lockdown Period

Teaching had taken a new "Avtar", in recent times and "Work from Home Teachers" have evolved at the blink of eye, showcasing the readiness, zeal, vigor and never say die attitude of teachers, to impart knowledge. The present pandemic have taught us how to cope in dire situations and come forward with alternate options, which are beneficial to one and all.

As the Education system is ever evolving, Teachers, Students and Parents community look forward for more interactive methodologies for easy grasping and understanding. Education now with a Corporate look, has become more diverse and demanding. Lockdown has brought into light, a spectrum of new ideas catering to the needs of students, teachers, management and parents alike. Going hand in hand with other Corporate businesses and giving Work from Home Teaching, without loosing, the quintessentials of emotions, values and more important disemmeniation of knowledge, would work wonders not only for Schools, Teachers but majorly for Student community.

A new aspect of One Day Stay at Home Teaching/Learning, can bring in lot of changes. The present situation itself is a witness to this, and with growing Corporate Outlook, it would be well in demand in near future.

Few aspects, which can be considered as a part of Stay at Home Teaching or Learning would bring light to different approaches and  work wonders to the psyche of students, breaking the monotony of School and bringing them close to home and family.

1. More interaction opportunity with students - direct interaction in a closed set up and clarification of doubts on one to one basis,  teacher and student can set up a convenient time to interact and further clarify doubts, incase of introverts, it works wonders.

2. Opens new possibilities of assessments - Gadgets and technology fascinates the students, giving them assessments to be finished in computers and sending them through mails, will definitely hold their attention and act as a motivator to finish task on time. It prepares them for future aspects of serious work approach.

3. Incresead Students Attention - The student completely focus on the class, than to get disturbed by the surroundings and classmates, introverts also come out with their queries and solutions, as it give one to one interface on chat platform, without being mocked.

4. Time, Location, Convenience & Flexibility - Online teaching has become a boon to the teachers, as now they work during the allotted or assigned classes at the convenience of the house, and do not get disturbed by the external factors, as a result the productivity increases. A lot of time is saved on travel, and other works alloted during school hours, these hours are used productively for creating innovative worksheets and novel way of teaching.

5. Parents continuous monitoring - Parents now are more vigilant and are up to date with the students' understanding levels and their capacities, as a result the parents support is increasing more and students benefit a lot, through parents and teachers support.

6. Enhances Values, Leadership Quality and Promotes a Sense of Responsibility - Life's biggest lessons are learnt when you are in despair and helpless, the Pandemic has taught children to look at their world in different way and understand that "adjustments" are essential part and parcel of life, they are coping with present crisis and coming out of their ways to help parents & siblings.

Afterall, education is not filling up brains, but also touching hearts and moulding young minds.

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