Students and Self-evaluation

Encouraging students to be more responsible when it comes to their own learning...

 Deepalaya is an NGO run school located in the semi-urban part of South Delhi called Kalkaji. It serves underprivileged students from a nearby community. Anita Sahwney, the Principal, was aware that her higher-grade students were not taking control of their own learning as much as they should. She wanted them to learn the skill of setting academic and personal goals for themselves.

At the beginning of the academic year, Anita asks her students to set their targets for the year in all spheres of school life, for example in academics, building vocabulary, punctuality and extra-curricular activities.

The class teacher then goes through each of the students' goals; checks whether the targets are truly stretching their potential and make some necessary amendments. The students are then asked to put up the target sheet near their study area at home. After the first term (in September) the students evaluate themselves against their targets and mark themselves out of 10. The teacher then helps them write up next-steps and also intervenes if any student has not been able to achieve his/her target.

This micro-innovation is interesting because the students identify their potential and with the help of the teacher, are able to set targets for themselves for the year that makes them focussed and ensure that they keep pushing to improve. Setting goals is not an easy task. It needs to be carefully explained by the teacher and needs careful examination from time to time by the teacher to ensure its effective implementation. Anita says that students have started setting targets for themselves and evaluating themselves honestly. It’s a skill that every student should learn while they are in school.


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 This article sounds great. it would be more beneficial if this ideas could be implimented in all schools of the countryRegards karthiga.B

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