My New Schooling Experience

Because of the pandemic, we have now shifted to online classes. Online classes are not exactly better or worse than normal school: they are different. They are beneficial in some ways and harmful in others.
The first advantage is that we get notes and extra exercises of chapters shared by the teachers online. This helps since we do not have to write long notes in our notebooks/registers, rather, we can just refer to the important points and simplified explanations which our teachers give us. They are helpful for students who give importance to self-study as they get plenty of time to study. Moreover, we are still in complete touch with our syllabus which is very beneficial and convenient because, if online classes were not conducted during the lockdown period, then, we would not be able to study or finish our syllabus or be able to learn anything. 
The travel time (to and from home and school) has also reduced and we have more time to engage in other things. More importantly, if we do not finish our work on time, teachers won’t be able to punish us! 
As for the disadvantages, many teachers had trouble adjusting to this type of teaching system as they had problems in using gadgets or setting up their laptops or phones. As an example, one teacher held her phone in her hand while writing something on a piece of paper which was not clear at all. Some students also had problems due to network issues, for instance, time lags, frozen screens, getting disconnected from the meeting etc. 
Another reason online classes are harmful is that there is too much exposure to electronic gadgets as we have to sit in front of the laptop all day, attending school, writing and submitting many projects and homework as word documents and then attend our other tuitions, which are also online. This has an adverse effect on our mental and physical health, such as harming our eyesight and posture. 
Many teachers believe that since we are sitting at home all day, we have a lot of free time, due to which they give us a lot of homework. Sometimes, it is almost double the homework we used to get in school, which was already a lot. In addition to this, we have extra homework from tuitions and some students attend private institutions like Akash and Vidhya Mandir Classes (VMC) which take four-hour classes. All this takes up a lot of time and adds to the stress of preparing for tests in our schools and tuitions. We hope that teachers will adjust our homework according to tests and reduce the volume of work. 
Of course, the syllabus has reduced so much and only very short questions or Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) are asked for tests, but because of this, many of the more important chapters, which are very necessary as the basis for further understanding, are not tested. This means that we are unable to gain much knowledge and are only studying very simple chapters from which it is easy to ask short questions in tests. Also, as we are all getting used to responding only to shortanswer type questions and tests in the form of MCQs, in our higher studies, we may not be able to write long answers in the allotted time as we will not be used to doing so. 
Another disadvantage is that many students do not want to pay attention in classes and do not like it when teachers ask us to switch on the cameras as they consider it free time and want to laze around. Because of this, teachers are unable to make sure if the students are paying attention. This is a disadvantage because when we are in the classroom teachers at least know who is listening and who is not. The classes also become non-interactive, and teachers complain about how they feel they are teaching muted screens with barely anyone responding. 
In conclusion, according to my observation, there are more disadvantages than advantages of online classes. I love school and want to have fun in learning and wish these problems can be addressed. I am longing to go back to my normal school! 

Vanya Gupta is a grade IX student of Delhi Public School, Noida. She is a member of the Dramatics Club and the Western Music Club of her school. She can be contacted at 


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