Making Storybooks come alive, the BookBox way

Seeing their learners develop a good reading habit is every parent’s and teacher’s dream. The increased screen time on various digital devices seems to have enthused the young learners and it equally piqued the older generation. The debate of reduced reading habits because of the ubiquitous devices is nowhere settled. But then, is it right to blame only the digital media for this problem? We are not going to judge the arguments of both the sides. Our proposition is digital media is increasing the number of digital books and reaching where printed books have never reached. Literacy doesn’t end at learning alphabets, constructing sentences, reading, and writing. It begins there and goes on, among many other creative ways, to embrace oral and visual communication. We invite you to check the endeavor of BookBox and the likes for that.
BookBox attempts to create animated books with subtitles which have the element of moving pictures and sound but encourages the kid to read also. It uses subtitles for reading which is a tested technique to enhance reading and literacy skills.

The multiple modes of communication used in these animated videos– written, oral, visual etc. to help kids develop their literacy skills, using multiple sense organs – not only seeing but hearing too is a value addition worth checking its efficacy in the classroom. The conversion of many print-based story books into digital books utilizing the media converging power of digital media is also there for you to check. The traditional story books the earlier generation has grown up reading and hugely benefitted, they are being digitized, archived and preserved for, well, forever.
It’s a long way to go in understanding what wonders and magic we can do with the genie inside the digital form of Alladin’s lamp - the mobiles and computers in everyone’s pockets these days. BookBox is a great start for a country like India, great digital divide notwithstanding. It is also multilingual and is available in many regional and international languages. This also helps in learning other languages for elderlies, as it uses the same technique of reading and listening which is used in any traditional form of language learning.
You can visit their YouTube Channel and subscribe to it to be updated with what new is being uploaded. You can use it in your classroom for storytelling, reading, literacy or simply create interests among the kids towards printed books.
Your critical feedback in the comment section about your experiences with BookBox will help other interested experimenters in the teaching community to adapt, modify and refine such resources.  


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Seems good.. I checked some stories they are short and engaging. The voice is clear but little bit fast, one has to make effort to listen and read at the same time.

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