English Language Teaching Posters from NCERT

Prof Ramanujam Meganathan from the Department of Education in Languages, NCERT shares these wonderful posters on English Language Teaching, the ones that you can hang in your staff room as a reminder. These posters address the art & craft (and the challenges) of helping the learners acquire English.

This is the 1st of the series. We start with the National Curriculum Framework's document as our starting point.

The NCF 2005 on Language Education recognizes the importance of multilingualism and home language(s)


What are the goals of the language curriculum? That which allows a variety of implementation suitable to local needs and resources.


Let's see how teachers do! Few case studies.


What should materials do? Impactful and confidence building materials that learners feel at ease.



Multilingualism, yes very much the focus of the NCF to make meaning making  a craft worth of learners' investment of time and effort. It is only possible when the teacher recognizes and addresses the issue of multilingualism.


Language Opportunities. What kind of activities that allows your learners to use language in a natural and meaningful way.


Language Practice. Unless they get an opportunity to practice the craft of using a language, all the hard work of the teacher goes in vain.

watch this space for the concluding part.

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