Educational portal Math4U

New educational portal Math4U - offers attractive and complex training materials for students and also offers tools for teachers to prepare tests and exams.

Math4U portal is divided into three main sections - Math for Student (Math4S), Math for Teacher (Math4T) and Math for Class (Math4C).

The section Math for Student contains unique educational software for practicing all areas of secondary school mathematics. Students can choose a topic, level and number of problems, and an interactive HTML test based on their preferences will be generated. The software works with database of 16,000 questions in four languages (English, Czech, Slovak and Polish) divided to 12 topics and 56 subtopics. In the section Math for Teacher everybody can prepare a tailor-made interactive test or a printer ready version of a written exam. Teacher chooses any questions he or she likes from the database of 4,000 questions in each of the four languages, which is 16,000 questions in total. The section Math for Class contains 150 interactive games.

What is common for the whole portal Math4U? All parts of the portal and all applications are available in four languages (English, Czech, Slovak and Polish) and everything is free!

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