Does your school push you to do non-academic work?

Recently I came across a reminder issued by the Principal of a reputed educational institution to his teachers.

...Please speed up and complete at least minimum 6 to 7 admissions before March 25 or else the salaries will be kept in hold...


Here are a few questions which came to my mind immediately after reading the reminder.

  • Is the Principal an Academician or a Marketing Head to set such business targets for his team of teachers at the cost of their salary and summer vacation?
  • How aware is the Principal about the circular issued by CBSE on October 28, 2016 regarding the Work Profile of Teachers?
  • How have the teachers been tolerating such reminders which threaten their basic rights?
  • Could such schools ever promote an environment which upholds the dignity of a teacher?
  • The list is endless. As a teacher, I can understand the miserable condition of teachers working in most of the corporate schools or colleges. Who should be held responsible for this state of affairs?
  • Is it the inefficiency of the Government in controlling these Corporate Schools?
  • Is it the monopoly of the leaders who own these Corporate Schools?
  • Is it the teachers who have surrendered themselves as mere slaves?
  • Is it the parents who nurture such schools not realizing the damage happening to their children?

Irrespective of whoever may be responsible, the focus of this entire discussion keeps in mind only the key members i.e. the Teachers. I appeal to all the members of teaching fraternity to read and reflect on some of the salient points discussed below.
The ultimate purpose of education is liberation. How many of us are aware of this? If yes, then we would not have allowed ourselves to be controlled by leaders of such schools whose survival solely depends upon our existence.

As Teachers it is our prime responsibility to uphold the dignity of our profession. In this connection I would take here only two examples which are sufficient to understand the way teacher’s dignity is being challenged by some of the schools.

How can we encourage having classrooms where teachers are not provided with chairs?

You need to know your basic rights as teachers and do not step into classes where there is no provision of a chair for the Teacher. Ask the Head of the Institution to work for eight hours in his office standing before he expects the teachers to do so.

How can we encourage having school bus facility for staff where they are allowed to travel only standing?

In the case of such facility where teachers are not allowed to sit, try not to avail but however be firm in claiming the Conveyance Allowance as per the Government Rules.

Learn to say ‘No’ for non-academic duties.

Try to know what is the Vision and Mission of the School where you work. If there is no such thing then quit your job immediately. By any chance if there is one such thing then check how far the school is trying to align their planning in this direction. If you notice things which are contradictory then try to resolve without simply accepting things as they are. Haven’t we seen schools running in closed buildings with no provision for playground or library? The irony is still such schools confidently say that they believe in the all round development of the child.

Fight for what is right.

As teachers, we need to respect individual differences and diligently work in the direction of nurturing those talents. Please realize that it is not just Mathematics and Science which only matter in a child’s life and there should be scope for tapping the potential of the child in other areas such as Music, Dance, Arts and Sports. If you find a child who is talented in anyone of these areas, try to go an extra mile in convincing the parents to let the child pursue her passion rather than burying the creativity in the meaningless race of marks, grades and ranks.

Always Teachers First. 

Remember that it is always the gurus who existed first and only then the institutions. Teachers can survive without institutions but it is not easy the other way round. So never undermine your role because the beautiful journey of education in the life of a child is always incomplete without a Teacher.

Isn’t it a fact that all the Principals of today were teachers once upon a time? I humbly request you all not to lose your core identity as a teacher and make every attempt to uphold the dignity of the profession without succumbing to any pressure from the School Management. Please try to put your point across the management without any fear if you genuinely feel that it is in the interest of your teachers. Remember, only teachers with a sound physical and psychological health can nurture productive citizens for the country. And your health is in your hands only.


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Good article sir it given me the confidence.

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