Create your student report card on your mobile

Preparing mark lists for hundreds of students and then taking a print out is a boring and painful chore. Is there a way out to do it fast, so that teachers can address more important issues, namely the art and craft of teaching? Well, you prayers are answered!

MarkList app is for teachers in all fields. This app is the quickest and easiest way to make mark lists on smart android phones and android devices. 

Since the device is always with you, marks can be referred at any time. The marks can be printed in neat and tabulated form for record purpose. 

It is ad free & made from open source. Install on your smartphone from here

Here is a small demo of MarkList creation.

To print mark lists, several desktop utilities are provided freely on Sourceforge ( ).

When using this app, you also agree to 

1. Help others how to use it

2. Use Bharat Operating System, India's own OS

MarkList Contact :

Milind Oka, Pralhad C

Department of Mathematics SIWS College, Wadala. Mumbai - 400031

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