8 Good Teaching Resources to Learn about Infectious Disease and Pandemics

With Corona Virus spreading across the world, it has become important for everyone to play their role in stopping it. It's very important to understand infectious disease and Pandemic at this moment, as there's a lot of wrong information flowing around it everywhere. Given below is a list of resources which can be used by teachers in their classroom to understand and also act in halting an epidemic.

1. This video from AsapScience can be used by teachers to discuss about pandemics. It talks about various panedmics in the past, the reasons behind them and how they can they be controlled in current times.

2. This Lesson Plan or Activity can help children of middle school (grade 6-8) to understand Pandemic in an interesting way.

3. Games to Learn about Virus and our Interconnectedness:

These games will help children learn a lot about virus outbreak and epidemics playfully.

3.1. Pandemic: This game is played to control the spread of a disease in which either everyone playing wins or everyone loses the game. It helps the player to understand interconnectedness, disease spread and the ways to control it.

3.2. Plague Inc: In this game, players take the role of pathogens and try to beat the human society by spreading itself and countering the human measures to fight it. One interesting aspect of this game is that the performance of the players of this game is guaged in points but in real time graphs and charts.

3.2. Pox - Save the People: It's a cooperative board game which can also be played on iPad. The objective of the game is to cover infected red poker chips with vaccinated blue chips. This helps the player understand how vaccination helps in protecting the society from infectious disease.

4. This TEDEd video explains how one infected person can spread the disease across the continent. It discusses the history of Pandemics which helps us to halt their spread. You can also go to this link to use this video more effectively as a lesson.

5. This video on "What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?" is also useful to understand the current widely spreading Corona Virus and the way it can be a Pandemic. It also helps to bust fake news and wrong information being circulated about it on the internet.

6. Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019 - This is a resource created by Center for Disease Prevention and Control for Teachers, adults and parents on how to talk to children about infectious diseases like Corona Virus, so that they understand, get the correct information, remain careful and not get scared.


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