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Learners are interested to learn lexical and grammatical aspects through innovative methods. Introducing different activities and games in the classroom will lead to successful understanding of it When learning is filled with fun, learners are motivated and encouraged to learn everything intelligently.

00 hours 30 mins

To develop vocabulary and grammatical aspects. This is intenteded for primary school.

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes                    

Activity Steps: 

Resources needed: Dictionary   


1. Teacher can instruct learners to form group of five students each
2. 15 to 20 columns can be made with a word in each box and give it to each team (Appendix 1)
3. Teacher will call out each word in different mode as synonym of a word or antonym of a word or tense of a word, an article, an adverb, an adjective, preposition etc.,  
4. The team members should strike each word according to the word called out by the teacher
5. The team which strikes all words in the stipulated time are the #WordGurusOfTheDay!
6. Students think and rethink while doing this activity to strike the answers in the given boxes  
7. This activity helps learners to develop their vocabulary and grammatical aspects easily.  


Caveats and Options
1. Too many words will lead to confusion.
2. Students’ level of interest or mood in learning should be considered.

Appendix 1

Come    Clearly    An    The
Success    Mother    Furniture    Put
Sang    Could    Written    And
Written    She    Cut    His
Best    stronger    India    For

1. Present tense of ‘came’
2. an adverb starting with ‘C’
3. past particle form of the word ‘write’
4. a definite article
5. Synonym to the word triumph
6. Feminine gender of father
7.  Plural of the same word
8. Two rhyming words
9.  a superlative word
10. a comparative word
11. a noun
12. a proper noun
13. a common noun
14. a pronoun
15.  a model auxiliary
16. She is going…… her friend. Fill with a preposition


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