Water cycle crossword

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Present this crossword on water cycle to assess how much your learners have comprehended the concept.

00 hours 30 mins
Activity Steps: 

- Water that sinks into the soil and is stored in slowly flowing and slowly renewed underground reservoirs called aquifers (1 Across) (6, 5)

- A cyclic process by which water is transformed through its three states - solid, liquid and gaseous state (2 Across) (5, 5)

- Large saline body of water on the surface of the earth (6 Across)

- This process returns water to the surface of the earth as rain, snow, hail, etc. (9 Across)

- A large, flowrng body of water that usually empties into a sea or ocean (11 Across)

- A large slow moving river of ice (1 Down)

- This is the process by which liquid water turns into water vapour (3 Down)

- Energy from this source is the driving force for the hydrological cycle (4 Down)

- Land area that delivers water, sediment, and dissolved substances via small streams to a major stream or river (5 Down)

- This is a porous, water-saturated layer of sand, gravel or bedrock through which ground water flows (7 Down

- This substance covers two thirds of the surface of the earth and is vrtal for the survival of life on earth (8 Down)

- In transpiration water evaporates from these objects (9 Down)

- These are huge floating objects on seas and oceans — only 1/9‘" of the object can be seen floating over water (10 Down)

Find mentioned in brackets, number of alphabets for answers containing multiple words.

Developed by Sukhprit Kaur, Centre for Environment Education, Bengaluru


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